Modern boat chandlery. Therefore also online.

The Shop module is designed to serve your customer, manage your inventory and keep track of profitable margins. FastData includes all possible features that a modern chandlery needs.

FastData supports the salesman with necessary information, in order to advise your customer with the correct product. In cases of guarantee and with repairs you can inform the customer directly about factory returns.

The profit is in the purchase. Align you your stock at the sales figures of past years and compare prices and terms. Fill you orders to minimize your transport costs.

You will be daily informed of incoming deliveries. The Purchase Order Book shows you all orders with their status. In case of delay this provides the ability to communicate with the customers, colleagues and suppliers.

You hold the customer over the status of your orders up to date by using Email or text massage. A returned product will automatically appear in the agenda and with the push of a button go back in stock.

FastNet B2B
FastNet is a B2B commercial channel for shelf warmers, inventory overhangs or for a virtual inventory extension without capital freeze.

5 benefits:

  • Touch screen cash register
  • Clutch PIN
  • Selling on account / Loyalty
  • Webshop integration
  • 250 + vendor price lists

New in version 6

FastData allows it to target product emails (pictures, specifications, video) to an interested customers