More efficiency and better service

The department Marina within FastData provides everything that a marina needs to work efficiently and service oriented. Whether a small marina for transient boats or marina with 1000 berths and winter storage, FastData provides all the automation that allows the running of your port.

Ship Movements
When nearly the complete fleet must be moved from water to land and vice versa and the boat owners want to be present, the organization is quit complex. FastData is the most effective tool to communicate and organize between customers and Marina staff for this seasonable challenge.

Transient guests
Transients has the habit to arrive in a bulk for dinner. With FastData you need just a few seconds to register the new guests. So you can help your guests instead of diving in complex booking procedures. The voucher also can contain other items like shower coins, electricity, fuel, articles or services.

Transient guest provides you a cash flow. The cash register in FastData is a proved, save system that records every transaction.

Optimum winter storage
For your winter storage each square meter of hired land or shelter is important. FastData calculates whether there is enough parking space in the shed or on wall. With the graphical interface you optimize location usage and organize the storage process.

Work orders
The entire process of winter storage is automated within FastData. The processing of Winter Service Forms and Work Orders and even appointments with your customers are organized in order to provide the best service. A good communication between customers, staff and management is a key point.

5 benefits:

  • Managing vessel movements
  • Fast Handling transient guests
  • State of the art rate calculations
  • Contract Management and Billing
  • Tax Remittances

New in version 6

One of the new features in the Marina Department is the graphics storage planner. The visual control allows optimising your income per square meter.